19. In college. I have an odd fascination with elephants. N.C.I.S., Supernatural, Dr. Who, Castle, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, are a few of my favorite things. As well as a books, I love books. And coffee and tea. I am unfortunately filled with quite a bit of hatred, just towards the world in general. I also have a bunch of deep seeded issues that I ignore until they surface and then you will see a couple of angsty posts. This is my mind, don't stay too long it might take its toll on you.
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parents: get out of bed, why are u so lazy?!

parents: u need to get more sleep u look really tired




writing adult emails is awful

its like

hi [name of person], 

this formatting is making me uncomfortable but I have to tell you something / ask you something that is vital to my career as a student. 

I re-read and edited that sentence for an hour, but you’ll probably just glance over it for half a second.


- [name]



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I’m in love with people’s hands and the way they clench their fists and the way their fingertips lightly press down onto piano keys or thighs. Calloused fingers or dainty fingers. Hands writing poems or memos or parking tickets. Hands writing futures. To me, every crease on the palm is a love line.

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Imagine if people’s hair color matched their eye color

/every person who has brown hair and brown eyes sighs deeply

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in 9th grade i was getting picked on in class and this girl was like “fuck you guys leave him alone” and called me over to her seat and I was like “thx lol” and she was like “I have something special to show you don’t tell the teacher” and I said “ok” and she pulled a guinea pig out of her purse